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What our Choreographers Do

Before creating a new routine, choreographers typically meet with the director to learn more about the production and begin brainstorming ideas. Choreographers want the dances or movements to complement the story. Directors and choreographers also might work together to select music, wardrobe, set design and effects. Choreographers also attend auditions to help select qualified candidates.

After researching the production, choreographers begin working to either create a new routine or tweak an existing one. Additional research is sometimes done as choreographers look for influential dances or performances that help them create new moves. Some choreographers write steps down or sketch out moves that they then teach to the performers.

After the routine is created, the choreographer teaches the steps to the performers at rehearsals. Choreographers often demonstrate routines by performing the dance themselves. After showing the dancers the steps, the choreographer helps them perfect the movements, technique and timing. During rehearsals, a choreographer might make changes to the routine and then instruct the performers in performing the changed routine.